Sugar Test Kit

A sugar machine is also called a glucose meter or blood sugar meter (monitor), it measures how much glucose (sugar)the level is in your blood. It shows you when your sugar level is too high or too low. Sugar Monitor also show you how your meal, rest, sickness, diet, stress, exercise, and your prescription cure your blood sugar.

A sugar machine kit contains test Strips, Lancets, and Lancet devices. Each plastic test strips contains a chemical synthesis that converts the sugar level in your blood drop into an electric current that your device can read then put a test strip into your device. Pinch the side of your fingertip with a small needle called a lancet. It’s spring brimming to help you pinch your finger easily with the right amount of strain then squeeze a single drop of blood onto the strip and your device measure the sugar level.

  • Medical/ Hospital Bed
  • Cylinderes
  • Wheelchair